Admiral Prout Field House

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    0500 - 2100
    0500 - 2100
    0500 - 2100
    0500 - 2100
    0500 - 2100
    0900 - 1400
    0900 - 1400

Admiral Prout Field House Gym and Fitness Center at Naval Base San Diego (NBSD) has pretty much everything you could want. Indoor basketball courts, football field, track, huge weight room with machines and free weights, outdoor lap pool, pull up bars, and much more.

The Admiral Prout Fieldhouse at Naval Base San Diego is located on the Dry Side of NBSD just inside the southernmost gate to enter the Dry Side. Admiral Prout Field House is convenient to I-5 just off Main St. in National City.


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2 Reviews

  1. Life Fitness elliptical machines have seen better days. The bearings on most machines are going bad, and beginning to slip. In addition some electronic displays and heart monitors do not appear to function correctly. Couple weeks ago received knee injury from using one the defective elliptical machines. Often get frustrated waiting for one of the properly working machines. Submitted customer feedback on February 4, 2017 awaiting response on what type of maintenance gets done on these machines.

  2. Outdoor track, outdoor pool, sand volleyball, basketball courts, and reasonably nice gym to boot! Awesome all around fitness facility!