Budweiser Brew House

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  • Mon
    1000 - 2200
    1000 - 2200
    1000 - 2200
    1000 - 2200
    1000 - 2200
    1200 - 2000
    1200 - 2000
  • Hours Info
    Delivery: Monday-Friday 1000-2100, Saturday-Sunday 1200-1900

The Budweiser Brew House at Naval Base San Diego is located by Pier 2 in Bldg 45. They offer free delivery with $10 minimum. The Menu consists of Burgers, Pizza, and more, and there are TVs to watch sporting events. Located in the Waterfront Recreation Center, the Budweiser Brew House has a new look and new menu, with specials of the week. Come in and enjoy the new atmosphere and food.


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2 Reviews

  1. The food is not bad but the website you order from is confusing and has incorrect information. One part of the website says it's open for delivery Sunday while another part says it is not. They do not answer either phone listed.

  2. Ordered a mushroom burger, with a side salad; blue cheese dressing and an order of wings at 10:45. I received a very disgusting, cold burger(not mushroom) with ranch and no wings at about 2:00. I understand that many people dine here but 3hrs is ridiculous . The delivery man did not give me a check and would not answer the phone. I Called the restaurant multiple times to no avail. Walking outside of the gates for delivery is much more worth it than this on base establishment.