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Fleet and Family Support Center at Naval Station Newport (FFSP) extends a warm welcome to all newly arriving single and married service members. Stop by the Center to obtain more detailed information about the programs and services available. The Fleet and Family Support Center mission is to assist commands in achieving operational readiness, superior performance, member retention and quality-of-life for military personnel and their families. Services provided by the Fleet and Family Support Center include:

Information and Referral provides via e-mail, walk in and phone; referrals are made to both military and civilian agencies in order to effectively assist service members or their families relocating to the Newport area. Information on social services, child care resources, housing information, emergency services, health and medical resources, recreation, schools and educational services and more is available.

Deployment Support programs such as pre-deployment briefings, Ombudsman Support, Individual Augmentee support and post-deployment programs are available. Support for Command Mobilizations and Repatriations are also offered, when needed.

Relocation Assistance Program (RAP) provides individual consultations and classes such as Home Buying, Sponsor Training, Welcome Aboard Packages, Loan Locker items, overseas information and Smooth Move programs and more.
Ombudsman Program provides Ombudsman Basic Training, Ombudsman Advanced Training, consultation and logistical support for all local area Command Ombudsman.

Life Skills Education Programs are available such as Anger Management, Stress Management, Marital Communication, Assertiveness, etc., to assist active duty and family members, both personally and professionally. Classroom workshops, videos and book are also available for use. Programs are also offered as General Military Trainings for the convenience of the Command.

Family Employment Readiness Program (FERP)is a program designed to assist service members and their families in overcoming the significant difficulties associated with finding employment, especially during relocation. The program provides tools to assist in career planning, interview techniques, federal employment information, job search strategies and how to prepare for today and tomorrow's work place.

Personal Financial Management Program (PFM) provides individual consultation and programs in budgeting, financial skills, consumer information, thrift saving plan, homebuying, and savings and investments.
Clinical Counseling is available with Licensed Masters Level professional counselors who provide short-term counseling and crisis support, i.e, individual, marital and family counseling. The counseling staff at the Fleet and Family Support Center facilitates various support groups and life skill programs.

Family Advocacy Program (FAP) addresses assessment, prevention, intervention and treatment of child abuse or domestic violence issues within military families to provide stabilization during times of crisis.
Sexual Assault Prevention Response (SAPR) program provides awareness and prevention education, victim advocacy and intervention services, data collection and command consultation and support for victims of sexual assault
Transition Assistance Management Program (TAMP) assists military personnel and their families with the transition from military to civilian life by providing programs on veterans benefits, resumes and interview training, entitlements, job listings, referrals and employment counseling.

Source: www.cnic.navy.mil


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