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    0645 - 1530
    0645 - 1530
    0645 - 1530

The Naval Dental Clinic Norfolk is the Navy's largest dental clinic with 116 operatories. They are located in Building CD-3 at Sewells Point outside of Naval Station Norfolk between the Commissary and Branch Health Clinic, Naval Station.


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5 Reviews

  1. The scheduling system has some broken processes. After leaving all info twice on the recording that should optimize the clinics time, I have never received a call back. This system is used during business hours and after business hours.

  2. I am a retired Navy Dental Corps O-6. Stationed at Sewells Point back in 82-85. In town over the July 4th so I decided to take a drive by my old duty station. OMG! Circling the clinic I assumed it was decommissioned. The condition of the grounds is embarrassing. Tall weeds growing up through the sidewalks. Grass hasn't been mowed in how long? It is disgrace to the dental corps.. Who is in charge. No pride! Can I call a Senator to help?

  3. Desk staff is extremely rude and unhelpful, also lied about walk in availability because the hours they advertise are 0700-1030 on a Friday but they refuse to take them after 0800 and also refuse to make you an appointment for the following week.

  4. Have been waiting 5.5 hours now for an exam because they forgot to tell me it is "required" to do my braces. Worst managed clinic on the planet! I asked if I would ever be seen today or not..and the civilian said maybe. UNSAT!

  5. The dental staff does great work and is very friendly but the scheduling system is a little flawed in that they can only schedule appointment so far in advance....Boo.