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The Seal Beach fitness center features a gymnasium, fitness center, equipment rental, racquetball courts, tennis courts, softball fields, picnic & BBQ area, and running course. The Fitness center also includes a cardiovascular room, weight room, sauna and locker rooms with showers.


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2 Reviews

  1. Large variety of up to date and working equipment. Staff constantly cleaning equipment. Friendly staff

  2. NWSSB-Dissatisfied-overall unsat- locker rooms have soap scum in trays & on walls-brite work always spotted-couldn't tell if sinks are clean-air vents filthy. Gym equipment filthy, users wipe hand gripes off, rest of equipement never wiped down-workout area has dirt n dust on overhead, floors in corners & Sweat droppings throughout area-vent fans dirty Only person l've seen clean is Rodney. I turned in CSS form which l believe found its way into a round file-no change [email protected]