Navy Gateway Inn & Suites

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Navy Gateway Inns and Suites Singapore offers facilities located in two areas:
Durban Suites. Located on Durban Road and offers 24 suites.
Ottawa Suites. Located on Ottawa Road and offers 16 suites.

Durban and Ottawa Suites – US$120.00
Ottawa VIP Suites – US$150.00

All rooms are non-smoking and absolutely no pets are allowed.

Check-in Time is 3 p.m. – Check out Time is 11 a.m.


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1 Review

  1. This place was s huge disappointment. No AC in most of the rooms. TV in op. Locks broken on outer doors. Mold in rooms. We had reserved a crib for a family trip, with numerous email confirmations, we were assured it would be there. Had to contact the manager directly for resolution. We are actively searching for a new hotel after our first night of a 8 day vacation. Save the headache and stay elsewhere.