Branch Medical Clinic - Mayport

  • NS Mayport1204 Massey Ave, Bldg 1204, Naval Station Mayport, FL 32228
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Naval Branch Health Clinic Mayport, Florida provides the finest medical care to beneficiaries. The Clinical Staff consists of 25 Health Care Providers along with 190 Allied and Support Staff.


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3 Reviews

  1. Quarter deck and eye guy super helpful and pharmacist Lou is the best.

  2. Service here is TERRIBLE!!! You have to stay on top of them to make sure they do they job. It is so unprofessional. I called Tricare to confirm information, and what the clinic told me was inconsistent with the actual Tricare rules. They make my Blood Pressure HIGH!!

  3. Long wait on appointment phone line call, no appointments available, told to call back next month. Can't go off base! This is so wrong on how we treat our dependents and retires. And the liaison does not call back