Foc'sle Lounge CPO Club

  • NS MayportBaltimore St., Naval Station Mayport, FL
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  • Mon
    1100 - 1330
    1100 - 2200
    1100 - 1800
    1100 - 1800
    1100 - 1800
  • Hours Info
    Open to All Hands for Lunch Mon-Fri 1100-1330

Located behind the MCPON Delbert D. Black Barracks Building and near Afloat Training Group (ATG), Foc'sle CPO Club is open to All Hands for lunch 1100-1330 Monday through Friday. The lunch menu consists of a variety of options including chicken tender baskets and wraps, salads, burgers and sandwiches, to name a few.

The CPO Club is open until 1800 Wednesday through Friday for Active Duty, Reserve and Retired Chief Petty Officers and their guests. Tuesday evening is designated "All Khaki" where CPOs and Officers are welcome until 2200.

Arrangements for special functions such as re-enlistments, retirement ceremonies and receptions, command socials and picnics, luncheons, hail and farewells, etc. at the CPO Club may be made by calling.


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