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  • NS Mayport1204 Massey Ave., Bldg 1204, NAS Mayport, FL 32228
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    0730 - 1800
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    0730 - 1630
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    Drive-thru: Monday-Friday: 0730-1630

The NS Mayport Pharmacy is located at the Branch Health Clinic Mayport. Refill your prescriptions at the Mayport Branch Medical Clinic Pharmacy in person or over the phone.


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3 Reviews

  1. I used the e-refill just to receive a call that my prescription was ready, drove 45 min to NS Mayport, to be told that it was out of stock. Then I was given two options, go to Walgreens or wait and call the 904-270-4205 number to see when it would be in, no one picks up at that number or they pick up and hang up. Finally I have received a second electronic call that my prescription is ready and no way to verify if its true or not.

  2. First time using the Electronic Prescription option at the NAS Mayport Pharmacy. I have to say"Excellent" and it couldn't have been easier. Spoke with a very pleasant young lady over the phone and she told me my prescriptions would be ready at the drive through after 12 noon tomorrow. No waiting. How nice is that?

  3. Professional and friendly staff. The pharmacy is always crowded and there is normally at LEAST a 45 minute wait on any day of the week. I have personally waited for an hour and a half for my prescriptions to be filled. Going to the pharmacy as NS Mayport is not high on my "Things I need to do" list. I would have given it 2 stars but like I said, the personnel working there are professional and friendly. My medicine has always been accurate.