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The Legal Assistance Branch at NS Rota provides legal services regarding personal civil legal matters. This may include advice, research, negotiations, document preparation, and other types of assistance. The Legal Assistance Branch also educates eligible persons regarding their personal legal rights and responsibilities. The Legal Assistance Branch provides legal assistance services on a space-available basis to Active Duty members of the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force and U.S. Coast Guard, and their dependents. Assistance is provided to retirees as resources permit. Proof of identification in the form of a Department of Defense identification card must be shown in order to receive legal services.

Legal Assistance attorneys counsel clients on numerous topics, but not on any that involve military justice or actions against the United States Government. The information here is designed to be general and does not in any way replace competent legal advice. Legal Assistance attorneys may provide assistance in the following areas:

Adoptions and Name Changes
Notary Service / Powers of Attorney
Attorney referral
Other Issues
Consumer Law
Preventative Law
Military Rights and Benefits
Real Estate
Domestic Relations
Service Members Civil Relief Act
Immigration and Naturalization
Wills and Estate Planning
Landlord-Tenant Issues
Military Rights and Benefits

Attorney Services by appointment only.
POA/Notary Services: 0900-1200 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (walk-in basis)

Claims include payment for loss, damage, or destruction of personal property under the Personnel Claims Act, as well as action by the Government to recover affirmative claims under the Federal Claims Collection Act. Claims under the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) or Military Claims Act (MCA) are not handled by the RLSO, but we can refer you to the appropriate offices for such claims.

Although the types of services and advice available are broad, representation in civilian courts is generally not provided due to the limited number of attorneys available and state/international laws and bar association rules that restrict military attorneys who are licensed in states other than their present duty station. Legal Assistance attorneys are prohibited from advising opposing parties on the same or related issue and from providing legal advice via telephone or E-Mail. Legal Assistance services are also not available for business and military justice issues, or matters where the United States Government may be considered an adverse party. While basic legal advice is available on each of the topics listed above under “Services Provided”, Legal Assistance attorneys may be unable to provide services beyond a certain level of complexity (for example, estates above one million dollars or involving business interests).

Source: NS Rota Legal Services Website


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