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For “EMERGENCY 911” service from:
i. Song Tan City dial 661-9111 ii. Cell Phones dial (031) 661-9111
b. To call Osan AB from Song Tan City dial 660 for 783-XXXX and 661 for 784-XXXX numbers followed by the four digit base number (661-XXXX). You WILL NOT hear a dial tone after the 661 has been dialed.
c. To call Osan AB Telephone Operator dial 661-1110
d. Long distance calls cannot be made from Song Tan City through Osan AB. The Osan AB operator DOES NOT provide information services for Song Tan City subscribers.
9. Calling Osan AB from Other Cities.
a. In Korea. To reach OSAN AB via Korean Commercial Long Distance Service dial the following numbers 31-660-XXXX for all 783 numbers and 31-661-XXXX for all 784-XXX.
b. In U.S.A. To reach Osan AB via commercial long distance service dial: For all 783-XXXX numbers: 011-82-31-660-XXXX For all 784-XXXX numbers: 011-82-31-661-XXXX For 0505-122 (SSRT) numbers: 011-82-31-617-XXXX


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