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  • Patrick AFB620 O'Malley Rd, Bldg 537, Patrick AFB, FL 32925
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    Closed every third Friday of the month and All Federal Holidays

The Military Personnel Section at Patrick AFB can assist you with career development, evaluations, awards as well as ID cards, and other customer service section issues.

Career Development/Evaluations/Awards
Walk-ins: Mon - Fri: 9 - 11:30 am
Appointments: 11:30 am - 3 pm

ID Card/Customer Services Section
Mon - Fri: 8 am - 3 pm


***Please see the 45th Force Support Website link above for full details, instructions, and required forms.***

Source: 45th FSS


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22 Reviews

  1. Why don't they fix it ??? Some of the complaints are over a year old....Doesn't anybody care ???? If you won't do your jobs, can you please post the number of the N.A.S. in Orlando so we can request an appointment? HHV

  2. Seems to be a trend here. Lack of Customer Support is overwhelming! Time to write to our Congressman and let him know the Vets are getting subpar treatment again.

  3. UNSAT - What Kind Of Veteran Support Is THIS ?! I am computer savvy and it took me two days to renew my wife's ID card online. Whoever decided to save money by making retirees go through this agony has no concept of who their customers are and forgot that we take care of our Vets! If you are not fluent in computers, get someone to help you through this. I am embarrassed that the DoD foisted this one on millions of us. Unforgivable - should be a ZERO star rating.

  4. Go to this website, click on Florida then all cities. There are many locations that still serve those of us, our spouses, and dependent children that have served our Country and retired. Very sad that the base support activity on Patrick AFB has chosen not to continue to serve us. We went to the St. Augustine location. Great Service! Hopeful this information is helpful.

  5. 09 Sep 18 - I have been trying to make this work for over 3 hours now! I am having issues creating a DS account, I keep getting dropped phone calls, bad phone numbers, and now I am on wait time for 34 minutes! REALLY??? Why can't we just go to the ID office and get our IDs any more?! This is beyond stupid. Be warned: apply for your ID renewal at least TWO months in advance so you can go through this awful rig-a-ma-role before your card expires!

  6. Should be ashamed of your system you have put in place, it will not let you go all the way through and you cant talk to anybody. What happen to take care of the Soldier. This process went from bad to worse. First there was not enough personnel to serve the veterans, now its very difficult to set up the appointment. I hope the insulation Commander reads this and make a decision to take care of the Soldiers.

  7. Have a nice day. renewing my ID on line is a joke and you cannot get a hold of anybody for information.

  8. The process does not work and is very difficult as well. This entire on-line application process should have been thoroughly tested before going on line. Terrible!

  9. I am an older Vet that became fed up with the new requirement to sign up on line. The staff was as helpful as they could be, but in the end I was forced to go to NSA Orlando for a walk-in to get my wife her dependent ID card. I am going to write my congressman and let him know how much this new procedure is flawed. On a good note, NSA Orlando provided us with quick and great service in less than half an hour as a walk in.

  10. After several attempts, over three days, I was finally able to submit my application for ID card renewal with the appropriate documentation. It said it was sent. No idea how long it will take, how I will be notified and my understanding is that I still have to show up in person and present the same documents in order to get the card. Meantime, I'm stuck, with about 20 manhours invested. Had I known about the electronic submission earlier I would have done it earlier. Just venting. Lyn

  11. This review cannot be kind or instructive because it was just the opposite. I had to take my wife to the Navy Welcome Center in Orlando to get her soon to expire ID card re-issued. They did all the processing and it took about 15 minutes.

  12. The secure sections of this site are using a DOD-signed security certificate. This is useless for anybody who isn't using a DOD-managed computer. Thus, a large percentage of the users of this site can't verify that they are connecting to a legitimate site. The use of a DOD-signed certificate is inappropriate for a site used by retirees and dependents. Same for active duty personnel using their personal computers. This site should have a certificate issued by a recognized certificate authority.

  13. Trying to renew wife's ID card-what a joke. Drove to base (70 miles)then turned away and told to go home and submit by computer (I have no scanner sent to resource on base and was told they were too busy and try the library. We did and submitted the package to the ID SECTION. was told we would be notified in one week. Tried to call several numbers for status all answers recordings.

  14. The system is another example of the military's lack of concern for the well being of the Soldiers, by removing systems that involve taking care of the troops by putting the burden of a broken/poor conceived process of getting an ID on their shoulders. It is sad when the DMV has a simpler process for getting IDs.

  15. This new system for getting dependent ID, is a poor example of a system that is broken.. Who does it help? Not the user! .Why not just keep the Appointment system? I is pretty sad when getting a new ID from the DMV is simpler than getting a dependent ID form the DOD. Maybe it saves money, but at who's expense, people complain, or contact the CoC or ask Congress to look into it. The reviews should speak for themselves maybe you can look at this objectively and come up with some 80% solution...

  16. website for ID renewal is a complete joke. jump through hoops just to get stuck moving forward. no easy access to contact for help. emails are not responded to. would rather wait at the dmv all day, at least they get it done eventually.

  17. Like others, I would leave zero stars if possible. My daughter's ID card is expiring and she is leaving for school in Washington next week. I cannot get an answer on any of their listed phone numbers. The on-line system is not working (I'm a retired IT analysts, so I do know how to use computers). I guess I will have to hope that the MPS at Fairchild can provide better customer support. Thanks for nothing.

  18. The gentleman at the front desk provided outstanding customer service to all that came in while I was there (about 1 hour) for a CAC renewal. He listened carefully to any special circumstances/issues/questions that some of the folks had and then efficiently worked as an advocate for the customers in getting the information needed to get their IDs made. I haven't seen this level of caring and professionalism in a long time. Hats off to you sir.

  19. The new system is not user friendly for older folks. Many older retirees don't have computers and are not computer literate. The instructions online are very confusing and when you fill out the paperwork there is no one to send it to. I need a card before next week because of an appointment with a new cardiologist, left a message at the base for someone to call back. We will see if I get an answer. Might have to go over and stage a sit in.

  20. I would leave ZERO stars if I could. My daughter needed her ID renewed - my son had his done less than 6 months ago and needed an appointment, which was a MONTH OUT. Called for appt, put on hold -TEN MINUTES and told "It's strictly walk-in now, I'll send an email for what she needs to bring." Give email address - no email came. Got docs I knew she needed, drove 15 miles -NOPE. Have to take your own photo, do it all online - SEVEN days to process. Come back then. KID IS MISSING SCHOOL for this.

  21. I called to make an appointment for new ID Card, as the online site was not operating correctly. I was greeted by a rude woman who was clearly more interested in getting me to go anywhere else and not bother them at Patrick AFB than she was at servicing my wife's need for a new ID Card. Hats off to the Navy site in Orlando. They are all about Customer service. I have never been treated so rudely at any military base.

  22. No standby svc available now, yet processing cards for appts defaults at 20 mins. What happens if appt runs long or someonefinishes in 5 min? If IDs are so automated, why can't users be sent e-mail reminder 2 months prior to set up appt. If only everyone were as efficient as Pass & ID & could mandate appts & demand compliance. Much like medical appts ... if you're 5 mins late you get a letter of reprimand, if doc runs long & you wait 45 mins, no compensation for your expense.