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  • Pentagon2D1069, Pentagon, Arlington, VA 20350
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    0700 - 1600
    0700 - 1600
    0700 - 1600
    0700 - 1600
    0700 - 1600

The Pentagon Barber & Beauty Shop is located in the retail concourse inside the metro entrance next to Fort America and across from Bank of America.

Haircut $10.25

Shampoo cut/blow-dry $30.00
Shampoo set style $30.00
Press and curl $45.00
Cut only $15.00
Highlights $3.00 per foil
Rod sets $40.00
Hot curl only $20.00
Nape tapered $5.00
Relaxers $50.00
Permanent waves $60.00
Wave nouveau $70.00
Color single process $55.00
Rinses $15.00 extra
Treatments $10.00
Lip wax $10.00
Chin wax $10.00
Eyebrow wax $9.00


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4 Reviews

  1. This barbershop is definitely about quantity not QUALITY. Barbers need to understand that they are a service driven venue not a high end salon. If a customer goes and gets a ticket at any given time during business hours the same customer deserves to be service by any barber if he/she chooses to get their services, barbers should never turn the customer away. Professionalism goes a long way. Too bad that they can't understand that.

  2. The place itself is ok.My 5 star review is particularly for an employee,Ebony! I only went in to get my eyebrows waxed, but I am VERY particular with my eyebrows.She did an AMAZING job shaping them.I love them!Not only did she do an awesome job on my eyebrows, but her personality was just as awesome!She was warm, friendly, patient and calm!If the staff at the front, greeting and checking in customers, were like her, it would make a huge difference. They weren't bad, just business and kinda blah!

  3. first time I went, the man cut more than I asked off and had a nerve to put a slight dent in my hair and wasn't going to say anything about it until I looked, felt and slightly ranted. The second time, the young lady cut so deep into my hairline, it looked like an oval bowl. the third time...the LAST TIME, it doesn't even look like I went to the barber shop and not to mention, the other lady cut into my hairline.

  4. The puppy mill of haircut places. It's fast, but it's all about quantity, not quality.