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  • Mon
    1000 - 1800
    1000 - 1800
    1000 - 1800
    1000 - 1800
    1000 - 1800
    0900 - 1700
    1000 - 1600
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    Closed on holidays.

The Barber Shop at Presidio of Monterey (Fort Ord) is located inside the Main Exchange.


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2 Reviews

  1. Live in Santa Cruz and would rather go there for a haircut than places in Santa Cruz. In just 2 words, they understand what type of haircut I want. Try that on anther civilian barbershop.

  2. I was rather disappointed with my service. There are whole sections of my hair that are noticibly uneven and while it can still be regarded as a "military haircut" it looks rather unprofessional and gives a bad impression. The convenience is excellent, but it's more worth your while to go down the road and pay a few dollars more for better quality service. Thank you for your assistance, but regrettably for both of us, you've lost a customer.