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  • Robins AFBGate 3, Watson Blvd & 247, Robins AFB, GA
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    0730 - 1530
    0730 - 1530
    0730 - 1530
    0730 - 1530
    0730 - 1530
  • Hours Info
    Gate 3 is open 24/7

Visitor Control Center/Pass and Registration at Robins AFB is located before the Main Gate. All personnel with a valid base credential (military, civilian, dependent, contractor, etc.) will be required to show their ID at the gate in order to gain access to Robins. Temporary passes for up to three days may be obtained during duty hours. After duty hours, the controller at the VCC gate performs this function. Temporary passes needed for more than three days (special access request, etc.) may be obtained only at Pass and Registration during normal operating hours. Proof of ownership which include current vehicle registration, current insurance, valid driver's license and a civilian or military identification card are required to drive on Robins.

Source: Robbins AFB Website


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