Stylique Beauty Shop - PX

  • Schofield BarracksMain Exchange (PX Market), Cadet Sheridan Rd., Bldg 694, Schofield Barracks, HI 96857
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Stylique Beauty Shop is located in the Schofield Barracks Main Exchange (PX) Complex off of Cadet Sheridan Rd. The Beauty Salon is primarily for haircuts, hairstyles, and salon services.


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3 Reviews

  1. I'm visiting family here and needed my hair trimmed and shaped. The hairdresser was very nice but wasn't so sure of her experience. I should have asked how much a haircut was, as it was much more than expected. I thought I was satisfied until I got back to the house and looked at the back of my hair which had a blunt line. Was not blended well. I went back and asked her to fix it. She did and was very nice about it.

  2. I just went to the salon today and they did a horrible job on my hair. She messed up the color the first time tried to fix it and made it even worse I tried to reach the salon for a refund they said I need to speak to the manager who is nowhere around and they couldn’t even give me her number so I’m still waiting on her call back a whole day had pass by an she didn’t call ... Do not go this salon.

  3. I have an Asian styled haircut so they may not have any experience cutting my style, but I still expected them to make my cut look decent. My hair is uneven in the front and back. I definitely won't be coming back.