Optometry Clinic

  • Scott AFB310 West Losey St, 5th Floor, Bldg 1530, Scott AFB, IL 62225
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    0730 - 1630
    0730 - 1630
    0730 - 1630
    0730 - 1630
    0730 - 1630
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    Clinic conducts readiness training on the second Thursday of each month starting at noon.

The Optometry Clinic, located on the fifth floor of the 375th Medical Group building, provides comprehensive eye care on Scott AFB. Most patients will receive an updated contact lens prescription, provided they wear their contact lenses to the appointment and provide their contact
lens data to the clinic during their appointment. To ensure maximum benefit from your appointment, please bring the following items to all exams:
1. ID card
2. Current glasses and sunglasses
3. Most recent contact lens prescription
4. Contact lens boxes or packages

Source: airforcemedicine.af.mil


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  1. I just want a copy of my prescription. Sent wrong glasses. Called and amazingly someone answered and said they re ordered the correct ones. That was over 3 months ago and they still have not shown up. I have called and called to get a copy of my prescription so I can just order the glasses from somewhere else. Problem is NOONE answers. Guess I will just pay for new exam and glasses to avoid this headache.