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Outdoor Recreation and ITT at Seymour Johnson AFB is located on Goodson St. This office oversees Outdoor Adventure Programs, the Kiddie Hawk Playground, BellaMorphosis, Auto Hobby Shop, Barber Shop, Frame Shop, FAMCAMP, RV Storage, Equipment Rental, ITT, Vehicle Resale Lot, Log Cabin, Trap & Skeet Range, Archery Range, Splash Pad, and Olympic Pool, while also offering many special events throughout the year. Outdoor Rec On-Demand outings can be tailored to your organization or personal outings year-round.

Outdoor Rec On-Demand
Outdoor Recreation has changed the way we offer most outdoor activities and trips. Customer groups can choose an offered activity and desired date, and Outdoor Recreation Programmers will verify availability, then plan and carry out the requested activity. A lead time of 14 days is standard for most activities to allow staff scheduling and planning. Call Outdoor Recreation at 919-722-7438 if you have any questions regarding offered activities or wish to suggest additional ones.

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