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The ID Card Section at Tinker AFB can assist you with all ID card, DEERS, and CAC issues. Make an appointment by using the RAPIDS Appointment Scheduler link.


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3 Reviews

  1. I have been given the run around since Oct attempting tp get a new ID card. The female SSgt asked me if I was 100% disabled. I said yes. Why would she need a letter from the VA giving 100% disabled. I don't think that will go on My retired AF ID card. Why couldn't she have used DEERS instead of saying she the DDF form 214. I was in personnel for 20 years and I never gave people the run around. I went out of my way to help them.

  2. June 8,2018 09:30-0934 I called twice without being answered. I also attempted to go on line to the RAPIDS system to make an appointment and received a message saying the website is not available.

  3. First, professionalism: while the soft skills are known for their lack of this, the ID card office set a new low. Employee with extreme attitude and a demonstrated inability to know how to speak to SNCOAs and Officers (myself as my spouse specifically). Another employee who felt it appropriate to interrupt an already late appointment to ask for a phone charger (she was sitting playing on hers, as if she had nothing to learn at that stage).