Exchange - Travis AFB

  • Travis AFB461 Skymaster Circle, Bldg 648, Travis AFB, CA 94535
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  • Mon
    0930 - 1930
    0900 - 2000
    0900 - 2000
    0900 - 2000
    0900 - 2000
    0900 - 2000
    1000 - 1900

The Travis AFB Exchange is one of the Air Force's largest Exchanges, with over 20,000 sq ft of shopping and 1,444 parking spaces. Additionally, the Mini Mall is in the site of the old exchange, adjacent to the Exchange shopping center. Stores in the Mini Mall include Military Clothing Store, Class Six, laundry, dry cleaner, alterations, Starbucks, Watch Repair, UPS, Optical Shop, Optometry, GameStop, and other concession activities.


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  1. I'm shocked that not a single individual has rated the Travis AFB exchange services and commissary complex as of this oublishing. It's worthwhile for active and retired personnel to take advantage of this TAX free goods and services environment, considering the noteriety and tyrannical taxing and spending by the incompetence of state legislators of California. Overall, my shopping experience in Travis AFB has been very positive without regret.