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  • Travis AFBSkymaster Dr, Exchange Mini Mall, Bldg 650, Travis AFB, CA 94533
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    0830 - 1730
    0830 - 1730
    0830 - 1730
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    The BX Pharmacy is closed, the 4th Thus of the month from 0830-1130, on Federal Holidays and Wing-designated down days.

The Base Exchange Pharmacy at Travis AFB provides daily prescription service. New prescriptions must be activated by 1700. This pharmacy location provides first-prescription-fills for those patients seen by civilian physicians.

The BX Pharmacy accepts new prescriptions faxed directly from your physician's office (some restrictions apply). If you would like your prescriptions faxed directly to the BX Pharmacy, please have your physician's office contact the BX Pharmacy at (707) 423-5345 to make the required arrangements. Refill prescriptions are ordered 24 hours a day by calling (707) 423-7600 and are picked up at the BX Pharmacy.

Prescription refill requests called in by 10 a.m. Monday through Friday are ready for pick up in 2 duty days. For example, if you call your prescription in on Monday before 1000, your prescription will be ready for pick up at the BX Pharmacy at 0830 on Wednesday. If you call in your prescription after the 1000 cut off, it will be ready at 0830 on Thursday.

Additionally, the BX Pharmacy now accepts non-controlled electronic prescriptions submitted directly from your physician's office (some restrictions apply). Remember, some medications still require paper prescriptions. For example, military pharmacies do not accept electronic prescriptions for controlled substances. If you would like your prescriptions electronically submitted to the BX Pharmacy, please have your physician's office submit the prescription to DoD TRAVIS ePhcy. When you arrive at the BX pharmacy, let the staff know that the prescription was sent electronically.

Source: Travis AF Website


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4 Reviews

  1. The hospital pharmacy just implemented a mandatory 3 hour wait to fill prescriptions and they no longer allow to activate and comeback the next day for pick up you must start the three hour wait the next day too. I have read there are better methods that reduce wait times: example - use clear bags for a quick view. It's easy to say to an ole retired guy or gal at least your prescriptions are still free. What they are really saying is retired persons time has no value. AF retired

  2. The pharmacy refill phone number(s) are not working. I've tried for 2 days using the 800 and both 707 numbers to phone in my refill. Furthermore, I can't find someone who can help me.

  3. My prescription was sent back once ,parts of my perscription were not fully entered after having yo refill the same perscription, then not completely filled and was shorted. If you tell someone their medication will be completed please have it be done.

  4. It is not friendly to customers. Most of the time closed, long waits, most equipment don't work, employees not interested in serving.