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Tickets to the Travis Air Force Base Theater:
Adult $6.00
Child $4.00

3D Tickets:
Adult $8.00
Child $6.00

FIRST RUN Tickets:
Adult $8.50
Child $6.50

FIRST RUN 3D Tickets:
Adult $10.50
Child $8.50

Source: Movie Theater Website


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4 Reviews

  1. Hello. My husband and I were married at Travis in July 1968. When we were dating we went to the theater to see Planet of the Apes. We also went to Fairfield and saw Roemarys Baby. My father was Air Force and my husband was Army. One of only a hundred stationed there. I am so pleased to see the theater still providing a wonderful time to all. So many heartfelt memories.

  2. Great value for the family. I love the free screening of movies before they come out to the public. Keep up the good work.

  3. Excellent value and nice variety of current movies

  4. Went to the Brenden Theater in Vacaville on the 28th. to see Annie with my wife and a little friend of ours that has down syndrome Wished I would have known it was going to be at the base theater Feb. 6th, and we could of seen it for half price. I'm not particularly fond of musical's, but in this case I'll make a exception, it's very well done, and the music brought back fond memories. We will be in the ticket line on Saturday to see it again. Retired FE