Anuenue Cafe

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  • Mon
    0600 - 1730
    0600 - 1730
    0600 - 1730
    0600 - 1730
    0600 - 1730
    0630 - 1730
    0630 - 1730
  • Hours Info
    Breakfast: 0600-0930, Lunch:1100-1330, Dinner:1600-1730; Weekends and Holidays: Breakfast: 0630-0830, Lunch: 1100-1330, Dinner: 1600-1730

The Anuenue Cafe Dining Facility at Tripler Army Medical Center offers breakfast, lunch and dinner options. The Cafe also has meals available for grab and go.


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1 Review

  1. Olympic cafe is closed for some time, they are the only one there so really really rude. We pay tips for service and not for insults. We really feel sorry to paid them a huge tip for insults. Go anywhere else for the breakfast except this place. You will never know how busy they will get and how much miscommunication can happen and careless owner will come insult you and will try to ruin your day or trip. STAY AWAY!!! starbucks coffee you can get for $2, for the same you pay $4 here.