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DIALING INFORMATION To dial a military (DSN) number from a military phone
Dial all seven (7) digits: XXX-XXXX (Hohenfels 466-XXXX)
To dial a Hohenfels military (DSN) number from a civilian phone
O9472-83-XXXX Outside Germany: +49-9472-83-XXXX
To dial a civilian number from a civilian phone throughout Germany
Within the 09472 prefix: do not dial 09472 prefix, just the number. Outside the 09472 prefix: dial the prefix and the number as listed (NOTE: German (CIV) phone numbers can be from 2 to 9 digits long; there in no fixed length.
City codes can be 3 or 4 digits plus "0" where needed.)
To phone the United States
DIRECT DIAL: 001 +Area code + number AT&T: OPERATOR COLLECT: 08002255288 (operator will assist)
To phone Germany from the United States
Dial 011-49+ (without 0 prefix) + number Civilian numbers
Hohenfels area, dial 011-49-(no 0)-XXXXXX DSN Numbers
On post - Hohenfels, dial 011-49-9472-83-XXXX
To phone International countries from Germany
Dial 00+Country Code+Prefix+Number


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