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  • West Point622 Swift Road, Bldg 622, West Point, NY 10996
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    0800 - 1630
    0800 - 1630
    0800 - 1630
    0800 - 1630
    0800 - 1630

Are you retired, thinking of retiring, a veteran or thinking of ending your time in service? Military retirees, veterans and their survivors are an important part of our U.S. Army family and the West Point community. U.S. Army Garrison West Point provides many services to local retirees, their families and surviving spouses.

If you are a Retiree or Veteran, visit our Retirement Services Office and Soldier for Life (SFL) transition assistance program office in Building 622. Formerly known as the Army Career & Alumni Program, SFL-TAP was created to help military members be successful in their transition to the civilian sector.

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SFL-TAP delivers transition assistance and support to ensure all eligible transitioning military members have the knowledge, skills and self-confidence necessary to be competitive and successful in the global workforce and achieve their post military service goals.



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  1. I tried sending an email to [email protected] and never got a reply. When I went to the RSO and asked if I could speak with the RSO rep, the front desk gentleman said he didn't know what the RSO was or what it even stood for. The discrimination is standard if you are not an officer or cadet on West Point. After asking around West Point the general rule was that if you are not an Officer or Cadet you are a second class citizen. This applies to Enlisted personnel also.