Base Tax Center

  • Whiteman AFB Professional Development Center , Bldg 515, Room 209, Whiteman AFB, MO 65305
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    Hours change yearly, please call 509th BW Legal Office at the number listed for questions/appointments.

The Base Tax Center at Whiteman AFB typically offers services from Feb-April.

To receive tax preparation/e-filing assistance, you must bring:
• Photo IDs – Proof of identification (taxpayer/spouse)
• Social security cards (or ITIN card, if applicable) (taxpayer/spouse/dependents)
• Birth dates (taxpayer/spouse/dependents)
• Prior year tax return (they no longer have copies of prior returns for previous clients)
• Wage/income statements (i.e. W-2s, W-2G, 1099-B, 1099-R, 1099-G, 1099-Misc.)
• Interest and dividend statements (1099-INT, 1099-DIV)
• Affordable Care Act healthcare documents (IRS Form 1095-A, 1095-B or 1095-C)
• Dependent care information (daycare provider name, address, tax ID # and amount paid)
• Education credit information (1098-T and receipts for out-of-pocket expenses)
• Proof of bank routing and account number (for direct debits or direct withdrawals)
• Any other forms applicable to your return (i.e. “1098-E Student Loan Interest Paid”, 5498 IRA contributions, 1098 Mortgage Interest Paid, real estate taxes)

Typically a satellite office at UCM will also be open during this time as well.

Source: Whiteman AFB Website


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