Mobile Center

  • Wright-Patterson AFBKittyhawk Center, Buckeye Circle, 1250 Sycamore Street, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH
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  • Mon
    0900 - 1930
    0900 - 1930
    0900 - 1930
    0900 - 1930
    0900 - 1930
    0900 - 1930
    1000 - 1700

The Mobile Center is located inside the Main Exchange on Wright-Patterson AFB.


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  1. Lady looked as if she was flirtting with customer. We walked away came back and she was still flirtting. She was on the phone with her kids discussing what they were going to have for dinner. Told her kids on the phone 3 times that she had a customer. AAFES manager said they are not part of AAFES. I guess when you sell phone accessories, you can talk on your phone instead of taking care of customers. She finally got off her phone and we were able to make our purchase. Poor customer service!