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    1100 - 2100
    1100 - 2100
    1100 - 2100
    1100 - 2100
    1100 - 2100
    1100 - 2100
    1100 - 2100

Yokosuka Navy Base is home to the first stand-alone Chili’s Restaurant on any Navy facility in Japan. Committed to providing the authentic Chili’s taste, quality and atmosphere, customers are guaranteed to receive the same Chili’s experience as they would back home in the US.

We offer signature favorites, such as:
Grilled Baby Back Ribs
Wings Over Buffalo
Monterrey Chicken
Big Mouth Burgers and more!

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4 Reviews

  1. This is where I go when my friends and I wanna sit around and drink margaritas and eat appetizers. It’s got a relaxing atmosphere and the apps are delicious. I love coming here.

  2. Great chili's, reminds us of home. Especially good chips and margaritas!

  3. Menu is very limited in choices. My expectation is that every chilis chain should have the same menus across the board. Kind of disappointing!

  4. Not that great. It's a hit or miss and it's over priced.