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  • Mon
    1000 - 2100
    1000 - 2100
    1000 - 2100
    1000 - 2100
    1030 - 2000
    1030 - 2000
    1000 - 2100
  • Hours Info
    Delivery Hours: Sun-Thurs 1200 to 2100, Fri-Sat 1200-2200

Pizza Hut in the Bayside Food Court at Yokosuka AB offers delivery daily from 1630 to 2000 hours and weekends 1200-2000. Phone ahead for pick up by calling DSN: 243-3663


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17 Reviews

  1. Definitely satisfies my pizza cravings while overseas.

  2. It’s on base...lot of people. Certains times of day traffic is crazy on or off can take up to an hour. Delivery people are always so nice. They never mess up my order. I order every few months. Thanks. Y’all are awesome:)

  3. Horrible wait time, over an hour. And it takes even longer to get through to them over the phone. Everybody I know has had problems getting through to them. Does anybody look at these reviews?? There all the same and the problem never gets fixed.

  4. I mean, it's Pizza Hut. Exactly as expected. Delicious.

  5. Y'all need to stop whining, you know you are overseas right? You didn't join or marry into the military life to have a perfect civilian lifestyle, so stop expecting it. This Pizza Hut does alright for the high demand of calls they are probably getting with their limited resources and drivers. Pizza is pretty much the same as most Pizza Hut locations, wait time is above average, as is expected overseas on a military base.

  6. Yum Yum hooked it up. Pepperoni was on point and the ice cold coke just really hit my spot. better pizza better ingredients Taco Bell. #guccifire

  7. I called to order and the women who answered was rude and hung up on me

  8. Horrible service!!! By far the worst I’ve ever received from anywhere in the WORLD!!! I don’t know why they have a phone for deliveries because they NEVER answer it. I have been here too many times to see people standing there with no customers and the phone just ringing. Note: they deserve less than 1 star but you can’t select anything lower

  9. The line is anyways busy need to fix this ASAP before you lose customers!

  10. Absolutely horrible service, extremely long wait time, cold hard breadsticks, unreasonably expensive, and also told me that they are no longer taking orders when their times clearing state they are. Not satisfied at all, this place needs some serious change.

  11. The worst pizza hut ever. The wait time is ridiculous.. The personel on the phone won't answer your questions. The delivery time is always over an hour and a half. Please get new workers or a different option for pizza. All I wanted was pizza and wings for the Rose Bowl.....

  12. Just because everyone else is doing it. Let's all give a 1 star!

  13. Number is always saying it's busy whenever I or a friend tried to call. But I see them driving around making deliveries.....

  14. I have been here about 5 years and have had nothing good come from this place but really only option on duty days the prices are super high 2 orders of wings and bread sticks 30 bucks wait time over an hour at after noon deliveries they give you a time to go meet driver you go 10 mins early he shows up 30 mins late

  15. Never seem to answer their phone. Pizza yeah not so good. Hit or a miss. It feels like they don't have to give good service because they are on base.

  16. Terrible wait time , costs an arm and a leg for one pizza order

  17. Fails to answer their phones for an hour or more at a time. Lies about their own hours of operation. Please correct, or replace employees.