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  • Mon
    1000 - 2100
    1000 - 2100
    1000 - 2100
    1000 - 2100
    1000 - 2200
    1030 - 2200
    1030 - 2100
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    Delivery available daily from 1600 to 2000

Popeyes at Yokosuka Naval Base is located at the Main Street Food Court.


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6 Reviews

  1. I've never had a bad experience here and they are GENEROUS with their chicken tender count every time. They've always gotten my order fast and correct. Highly recommend.

  2. Avoid if possible. They are terrible at answering their phones, but if they happen to, they'll get your order wrong anyway.

  3. After finally getting them to answer my phone, I was told that my order would be delivered 30 minutes from the time of the call; this also happened to be 40 minutes before the restaurant closed. The food never showed, I never received a phone call, and the restaurant would not pick up the phone. After waiting an additional 30 minutes after the restaurant closed, I still didn’t receive my food, and accepted that it wasn’t going to be delivered.

  4. Though the food is decent, it is impossible to get deliverey because they never pick up their phone.

  5. Shut down fryers 30 minutes before closing. Was told "what you see is what you get" - Shouldn't happen. This is while employees were wrapping up food to get home. Was told an item was available when I ordered. Was told 10 minutes later that it was out (see above). Stop stealing food, using company equipment to make personal food, and shutting down early when it's busy.

  6. Great food! Be prepared to wait at least 30 minutes for your chicken.