Medical Clinic

  • Buckley AFB245 S. Aspen Stop 89 , Bldg 600 , Buckley AFB, CO 80011
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  • Mon
    0730 - 1630
    0730 - 1630
    1000 - 1630
    0730 - 1630
    0730 - 1630

The Buckley AFB Medical Clinic (460th Medical Group) is located in Bldg 600 at the corner of A-Basin and Aspen.

Pharmacy Hours
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 0730 to 1630
Wednesday: 1000 to 1630

Services offered at this location includes
- Public Health Services
- Bioenvironmental Engineering
- Flight Medicine / Primary Care

Visit the VA Joint Venture Buckley Clinic for
-Mental Health
- Family Advocacy
- Flight Medicine / Primary Care
- Optometry
- Immunization Clinic
- Beneficiary Counseling and Assistance Coordinator
- Debt Collection Assistance Officer
- TRICARE / Billing

Visit the Buckley AFB Fitness Center for
- Drug Demand Reduction
- Health and Wellness Center
- Physical Therapy

Be sure to check the Medical Clinic Fact Sheet for more information on individual services.


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2 Reviews

  1. What a mess! I called to get an appointment and was told they don't see dependents. She told me to look it up on the tricare website but I couldn't find anything. I eventually found out that there is a separate site off base but couldn't find an address or phone number. It's difficult to get any information. Add to that how disorganized Tricare is and it's honestly a nightmare.

  2. I rather pay out of pocket to go to urgent care than go to the medical clinic. The PCMs do not seem to care about you. I went in for a walk in and the PCM never even came into the room to do their check just left it to the nurse. They never answer the phones and you wait forever even if you have an appointment just to be seen.