VA Joint Venture Buckley Clinic

  • Buckley AFB13611 East Colfax Ave, 4th floor, Aurora, CO 80045
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  • Mon
    0730 - 1630
    0730 - 1630
    1000 - 1630
    0730 - 1630
    0730 - 1630

VA Joint Venture Buckley Clinic is an off base medical facility.
It is located across from Children's Hospital Colorado Anshutz Medical Campus.

Pharmacy Hours
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 0730 to 1630
Wednesday: 1000 to 1630

Services offered at this Clinic includes
-Mental Health
- Family Advocacy
- Flight Medicine / Primary Care
- Optometry
- Immunization Clinic
- Beneficiary Counseling and Assistance Coordinator
- Debt Collection Assistance Officer
- TRICARE / Billing

Visit the on base medical clinic for
- Public Health Services
- Bioenvironmental Engineering
- Flight Medicine / Primary Care

Visit the Buckley AFB Fitness Center for
- Drug Demand Reduction
- Health and Wellness Center
- Physical Therapy

Be sure to check the Medical Clinic Fact Sheet for more information on individual services.


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  1. Parking is terrible. The PCMs don't seem to really care and do a crappy job when checking patients. I would much rather go to urgent care and pay out of pocket then be seen at the clinic.