ID Card & DEERS Office (Gillem Enclave)

  • Fort GillemHood Ave, Kane Hall, Room A104, Bldg 714, Fort Gillem, GA
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  • Mon
    0800 - 1600
    0800 - 1600
    0800 - 1600
    0800 - 1600
    0800 - 1600
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    Closed 1200-1300 for Lunch Daily; Walk-in service 0800-1130 only; Cutoff Time for ID Card Processing is 1130 for Lunch and 1530 at end of day

The ID Card, DEERS, and RAPIDS office at Fort Gillem is located in Kane Hall Bldg 714 in the Gillem Enclave. The customer service personnel can assist with new and replacement CAC and ID cards.


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18 Reviews

  1. After reading the reviews I was very nervous about visiting this office. I saw the option to make an appointment and went ahead and requested one. At exactly 3:15 p.m. our name was called and we went in. L. was VERY pleasant and thorough throughout the entire process and we walked out with ID in hand at approximately 3:30 p.m. I would recommend scheduling an appointment if you can and hope that you are served by the very pleasant and professional L.

  2. Be forewarned that the hours posted on this website can change by the posting of a paper sign or by an announcement as you arrive and are subject to the needs of the one processor that runs this office.

  3. Getting an ID card at this office was the worst experience I had in all my years of service. It is usually staffed by only one person and some processes require two clerks. They'll tell you to come back another day. During this morning's visit, the lady was late to open and then she argued with an Army retiree. Her behavior was disgusting. Whoever is in charge of this facility needs to walk down the hall to see what goes on in there. They also need to staff the office to handle the load.

  4. The staff at Ft. Gillem are very courteous and professional. They handled our situation in a timely manner. There was an issue with who was next in line because someone pulled too many tickets from the red dispenser and stuck 3 numbers on the wall. Even though I came in before the 3 people that pulled tickets from the wall, they handled the situation in a professional manner and let us go in the order we came. I highly recommend this Deers office!

  5. DRIVE 5000 MILES TO AVOID THIS POORLY OPERATED AND MANAGED OFFICE. We arrived 1 minute late for our appointment. The lady came out at 3pm to call the next person on the sign-in list (walk-ins), my wife told her we had a 2:30 appointment. The person said very rudely, "I called your name". My wife said we arrived at 2:31 and the lady chanted back "your appointment was at 2:30". Then the lady called the next person on the list. No veteran of 24 years should have his wife treated this way.

  6. My wife and I visited this office this morning...what a great experience...we arrived at 8:25 am...there were 8 to 10 ahead of 9:00 am, the room was almost cleared, everyone taken care of...polite, cou r teous, professional, and hard working...doing it by the numbers on a first come first served basis worked very well and the ladies certainly kept the line moving....cudos to a good team....

  7. 2 to 4 hours wait based upon poor allocation of resources and management but worse yet, NOT ADA COMPLIANT. No handicap parking 50 years walk down hill to front of building meaning 50 yard walk uphill for disabled, to parking. Bathrooms not ADA compliant, filling major complaint against FT Gillem Command, no excuse knowing how the mil places importance, Your in a new building, not care for ADA regs, and under poor management,.

  8. I’m not upset that they closed walk ins and I’ll have to come back another day. It happens. I am disappointed in the terrible way I was spoken to. I’ve been trying to get my card renewed for a month. I called for days and can’t get through, then drove 2 hrs to be turned away. I just wanted to ask for some insight as to how I could have better luck next time. The woman was so dismissive and nasty. I know the volume is not her fault, But her attitude and treatment was degrading and uncalled for.

  9. At the ID card office. Hours are 0800-1600. It's 1030 and the lady is still setting up. There are 18 people waiting and she is taking her time.

  10. I went today to get a new ID card during the walk in hours. Even though it was extremely busy and there was only one person working in the ID section, it still went well. She had a pleasant attitude and was issuing out ID cards as quickly as possible.

  11. I have had to visit the office every time I have a question. They never answer the phone and the mailbox is continuously full. They are in need of a receptionist!!

  12. I was able to schedule on my phone a few minutes ago. They also take walk-ins. There is only one guy in the place because I went a year ago an he was swamped non-stop. Not his fault that he is the only one there. Another space for employment needs to be available. Give the guy a break.

  13. walk-ins only between 8-11:30am...also the system is down and appointments are backed up through september

  14. Not even close to professional. I thought about contacting the CO or SGM but then thought if the problem is at the lowest rank, it probably starts at the top. Go elsewhere.

  15. This place is unbelievable you talk about slow and it seems to me nobody cares.

  16. Slowest and least professional deers office I've seen in 16 years of service. It's offices like this that give all government employees a bad name.

  17. well Sarge 2814 I just made the same call and got the same full mailbox as you did. Just love this new downsized Army. I'll go over there and see what is going on... Mine ran out 21st but I haven't needed it till 22nd. Wish me luck!

  18. I am trying to make an appointment for my wife's ID card renewal. I called the 404 469-7150 number but was told to leave a message. I tried to leave a message but was informed I could not do that because the mail box was full. I then tried going to your ID card website but my anti-virus application refused to load the website because it was not secure and was configured improperly. My question now is do I need an appointment to get an ID card?