Minot AFB Directory

196 Missile Ave, Minot AFB, ND 58705
Minot AFB is located in Ward County, North Dakota, just north of Minot. The host unit on base is the 5th Bomb Wing of the Global Strike Command, and is responsible for the B-52H bombers in the 23rd and 69th Bomb Squadrons. Another major unit on base is the 91st Missile Wing, also of the Global Strike Command. The 91st Wing maintains Minuteman III nuclear missiles. The nearby city of Minot has a thriving arts community and a history of strong Scandinavian ancestry. The city is host to the largest Scandinavian-American festival in the country, the Norsk Hostfest. This Minot AFB directory features the critical info you’ll need to navigate through the many facilities and recreational opportunities available on base.