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(M-F): 0600-0730,
(Sat & Sun): 0730-0900

(M-F): 1100-1230,
(Sat & Sun): 1100-1230

(M-F): 1600-1745,
(Sat & Sun): 1600-1700


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3 Reviews

  1. Good food and selection. Please serve smaller portions, especially when requested. PLEASE TURN OFF CNN! Let the Sailors watch sports or Fox or BBC. CNN is on all TVs and you can't get away from it. It's constantly airing a biased worldview that not only many in the military not only do not subscribe to, but which is overtly antagonistic to their worldviews. PLEASE, PLEASE turn off CNN. It would be better to have no TV whatsoever than to be assaulted by CNN constantly. Thank you.

  2. foods much better than the ship. Only thing that i dont understand is using more than half the galley. This galley is huge, but they use only 1/4 of the space. It gets very crowded quick.

  3. Food is average and seems over cooked and grilled food is overly buttery or oily. Seating area is lacking in space for enlisted and they should just open the whole place up to general seating. The use by officers and CPOs is minor and their seating area is more then they ever need.