Liberty Recreation Center

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  • Mon
    1400 - 2100
    1400 - 2100
    1400 - 2100
    1400 - 2100
    1400 - 2100
    1400 - 2100
    1400 - 2100

Liberty Centers are for enlisted active duty and one guest 18 years and older. Each center is an alcohol and tobacco free facility designed to be the Sailor’s “home away from home.” Liberty Centers offer in-house activities from pool tournaments and free BBQ events to life skills workshops, free Internet computer stations and computer gaming. Each Liberty Center also offers trips and adventures to places like Disneyland, Magic Mountain, Las Vegas, paintball and the Price is Right. All trips outside the Center are open to all active duty and one guest 18 years and older.


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2 Reviews

  1. Tried to use the computers there only to be turned away because of my rank. Liberty centers should be open to all hands.

  2. They love to kick people out early. Sometimes even at 2030. Pretty annoying. It’s bad enough that it closes so early. They should at least stay open till midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.