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    Access to the Vehicle Storage Lot- 24 Hours/Day

The Outdoor Rental Center at NCBC Gulfport is your party rental headquarters. Find everything you need including tables, chairs, a large number and variety of inflatables, grills, coolers, canopies and more. Looking to venture beyond the party? Check out their water craft, home and lawn care items, camping gear, camper trailers and so much more!

For any motorized boat rental the patron must complete a boating safety class prior to utilization of equipment. This can be done online at the link provided.

Needing to store your vehicle? Automotive and Recreational vehicle storage is available!
Deployment or monthly rates. The lot has over 86 spaces on a first-come, first served basis. They offer 20 foot spaces and 40 foot spaces. The following information must be provided: Current vehicle registration, proof of insurance, and current driver’s license. For those going on deployment must show proof of deployment. All vehicles in the MWR storage facility must be on contract.

Source: NCBC Gulfport MWR Website


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