RAF Molesworth Directory

Cambridgeshire, GBR
Royal Air Force (RAF) Molesworth is located in Cambridgeshire, England. Three major command branch sites are located on base: the Joint Intelligence Operations Europe Analytic Center of US European Command, the Intelligence and Knowledge Directorate of US Africa Command and the NATO Intelligence Fusion Centre. The host unit is the 423 Air Base Group located at nearby RAF Alconbury. Based here are the JIOCEUR Analytic Center (JAC), NATO's Intelligence Fusion Center (IFC), Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office (DRMO), National Imaging and Mapping Agency (NIMA), government contractors, National Imaging and mapping Agency (NIMA), Africa Command (AFRICOM) and other organizational units. This RAF Molesworth directory features the critical info you’ll need to navigate through the many facilities and recreational opportunities available on base­­.
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