USAG Benelux/Shape-Chievres Directory

Chievres Air Base is an airfield located in Chievres, Belgium. It sits approximately 12 miles from the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, referred to as SHAPE. SHAPE, located in Casteau, is the central command of NATO military forces and controls all allied operations worldwide. Chievres airfield is home to the US Air Force 309th Airlift Squadron which is responsible for NATO and SHAPE executive airlift operations using the Gulstream V C-37A. The airfield is operated by USAG Benelux and the squadron is supported by the 86th Operations Group located at Ramstein Air Base. Transient aircraft of the US Armed Forces and NATO also make use of the airfield. This USAG Shape-Chievres directory features the critical info you’ll need to navigate through the many facilities and recreational opportunities available on base.
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