Yuma Proving Ground Directory

301 C St., Yuma, AZ 85365
Yuma Proving Ground, of the US Army Test and Evaluation Command, is located in the Sonoran Desert in Yuma County, Arizona. The installation is used for testing all forms of military equipment. Yuma Proving Ground is the site of a 55-mile overland artillery range, the most highly instrumented helicopter armament test range in the DoD, over 200 miles of testing road courses and the most modern mine and demolitions test facility in the west. The restricted airspace over the base allows frequent parachute drops testing and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle practice. There are six airfields located on the Proving Ground which provide for both rotary and fixed wing aircraft operations. This Yuma Proving Ground directory features the critical info you’ll need to navigate through the many facilities and recreational opportunities available on base.